A monthly look at some of the upcoming journal articles that may be of interest, many published ahead of print. Some articles are open access but most require a subscription or are pay per view. DOI numbers for all articles are provided so you can look up any that interest you (https://www.doi.org)………

January 2017: Do cannabinoids make a difference in acute pain? A perioperative quality improvement programme aimed at reducing postoperative pulmonary complications. And anaesthesia and developing brains……..

February 2017: Cardiac arrest, intubation and survival. Shared decision making and looking at personalised perioperative advice to help stop smoking. The never ending story of the fractured neck of femur and a couple of jobs related studies……..

March 2017: Can video games improve surgical skill? Should we fluid restrict patients with septic shock? Is urine output related to 30-day mortality? Should we provide resuscitation for all children?

April 2017: Frailty and anaesthesia. Does centralising services impact on outcomes for hepatobiliary patients? What affects postoperative inflammation after colorectal resection – surgical or anaesthetic technique? Risk factors for postpartum haemorrhage and an update on developmental anaesthesia neurotoxicity.

May 2017: Facebook as an educational tool? High versus low PEEP for open abdominal surgery? Optimising bodyweight before surgery. How frailty affects resource use after surgery. Does noise affect how we work and how good are we really at handing over information?

June 2017: Does saying quiet really makes things busier? Non-technical skills of anaesthetists and surgeons and challenging authority during an emergency. Comprehensive geriatric assessment in vascular surgery. Update on vaccinations and paediatric anaesthesia.

July 2017: Effect of fatigue on anaesthetic trainees. Prehabilitation in perioperative care.Compensation claims after airway injuries and falls from the operating table. Ketamine use to prevent postoperative delirium and pain in elderly patients. Body weight and spread of spinal anaesthesia. Postoperative pulmonary complications in obstructive sleep apnoea.

August 2017: CT scan in unstable blunt trauma patients. Patients with pancreatitis. Preoperative geriatric assessment in patients with colorectal cancer. Outcomes in patient with obstructive sleep apnoea. Regional anaesthesia in the presence of diabetic peripheral neuropathy and estimating blood loss at caesarean section.

September 2017: 3 month mortality after intraoperative cardiac arrest. Postoperative complications for elderly patients having colorectal resections. Reversal strategies and postoperative residual paralysis. Angiotensin II and vasodilatory shock and who benefits from ICU admission after surgery?

October 2017: Can caffeine accelerate recovery after general anaesthesia? Does preoperative fluid retention increase intraoperative blood loss? Paravertebral blocks and survival in lung cancer surgery. European guidelines on perioperative venous thromboprophylaxis. Risk factors for postoperative ileus. Fatigue in air ambulance clinicians.

November 2017: Postoperative outcomes – males vs females – is there any difference? Duration of smoking cessation and its impact on postoperative outcomes. Enhanced recovery in colorectal cancer and venous thromboembolic events. High-intensity interval training before aortic aneurysm surgery. Acute kidney injury in trauma patients and echocardiography and passive leg raising.

December 2017: Impact of surgical incidents on operating theatre staff. Enhancing perioperative quality and safety. Lung ultrasound to evaluate intraoperative hypoxaemia. Psychologic stress and its impact on families of ICU patients. Looking at improving doctors sleep and wellbeing by altering their schedules and improving perioperative sleep for patients.

January 2018: #MeToo – sexual harassment in medicine. Doppler guided fluid therapy and its effect on gastrointestinal perfusion. Risk of epilepsy in patients having an anaesthetic. Sugammadex and oral contraceptives. Surgery and discontinuation of ace-inhibitors – what is the current perspective? Unrestricted clear fluids in day surgery patients.

February 2018: Comparing cardiac risk calculators in predicting postoperative cardiac events. Which ERAS interventions have the most impact on outcome? Does goal directed fluid therapy improve perioperative outcomes? Clinical guidelines and recommendations for preoperative exercise. Does handing over of care from anaesthetist to anaesthetist affect outcome?

March 2018: Update on anaesthetic neurotoxicity for the developing brain and long-term outcomes after anaesthesia in early life. At the other end of the spectrum – cognitive decline after anaesthesia and surgery in later life along with comprehensive geriatric assessment. Can rectus sheath blocks improve postoperative outcomes in gynaecological surgery and how effective is dexmedetomidine as an adjunct sedative for peripheral nerve blocks?