Welcome to the home of the Welsh anaesthetic trainees journal club. Below you will find summaries of articles discussed at our journal club in Morriston Hospital, Swansea.

Can lung recruitment predict need for fluid?

Can early postoperative oral intake reduce pain & PONV?

Midazolam or iPad……which work better?

Chewing gum & PONV

Myocardial injury after surgery – should we measure troponin more often?

Metaraminol or phenylephrine?

Oral or intravenous iron?

Predicting morbidity after elective surgery……is there an easy method?

Bleeding, trauma and hypothermia…..

Intravenous lidocaine. Is it safe? Does it work?

The SLUScore……..

Apnoeic oxygenation…..a review

Vitamin C, thiamine, hydrocortisone…..does it help with sepsis?

Can CPET predict in-hospital morbidity?

ASAP-2: Outcomes after hip fracture surgery

Which characteristics predict frailty in older men?

Is postoperative delirium associated with cognitive decline?

Predicting preoperative fitness before major colorectal surgery

Does how and when information is given preoperatively affect anxiety?

Apnoeic oxygenation during RSI……is it better?

Perioperative smoking cessation. What works?

Serratus plane block…..useful for day case surgery?

SORT: A new tool to predict postoperative morbidity.

Perioperative fluid therapy….what works?

Does diabetes cause postoperative cognitive dysfunction?

How to improve patient flow……

Postpartum haemorrhage and fibrinogen replacement

How can we reduce VTE risk in patients with a hip fracture?

What concentration of desflurane keeps BIS below 50 and does age matter?

Can an algorithm predict fitness accurately?

Individual or standard blood pressure management……which is best?

Preventing postoperative delirium. Is dexmedetomidine effective?

Herat rate monitors and prehabilitation. The future?

PONV and oral/maxillofacial surgery. Which surgery is worse? Which anaesthetic technique is best?

Emergency assessment of coagulation

Shuttle walk or CPET……..survival after oesophageal resection

Personalised prehabilitation….the future?

Goal directed fluid therapy. What works?

Would an internet-based prehabilitation programme be effective?

Does a cardiology review make a difference before major vascular surgery?

Cardiac arrest related to anaesthesia. How common is it? What are the risk factors?

Perioperative aspirin. Reduces risk or increases bleeding?

How common are abnormal preoperative test results and are they acted on appropriately?

Restricted or liberal IV fluids. Which is better for major abdominal surgery?

Home fitness monitors versus CPET……do they compare?

Frailty and postoperative outcomes

What is the ‘safe’ timing of surgery after an ischaemic stroke?

Myocardial injury after surgery. Can dabigatrin reduce the risk?

Fitness testing. Do we always get it right?

Is a low arterial pulse pressure associated with increased postoperative morbidity?