Welcome to the home of the Welsh anaesthetic trainees journal club. Below you will find summaries of articles discussed at our journal club in Morriston Hospital, Swansea.

Journal Club: 6th February 2017Changes in stroke volume induced by lung recruitment maneuvr predict fluid responsiveness in mechanically ventilated patients in the operating room

Journal Club: 21st February 2017Early postoperative oral fluid intake in paediatric day case surgery influences the need for opioids and postoperative vomiting: a controlled randomized trial

Journal Club: 1st March 2017Children and parental anxiolysis in paediatric ambulatory surgery: a randomized controlled study comparing 0.3mg kg-1 midazolam to tablet computer based interactive distraction

Journal Club: 14th March 2017Chewing gum for the treatment of postoperative nausea and vomiting: a pilot randomized controlled trial

Journal Club: 28th March 2017Myocardial injury after Noncardiac Surgery. A large, international, Prospective Cohort Study Establishing Diagnostic Criteria, Characteristics, Predictors and 30-day Outcomes

Journal Club: 2nd May 2017: A randomised double-blind trial of phenylephrine and metaraminol infusions for prevention of hypotension during spinal and combined spinal–epidural anaesthesia for elective caesarean section

Journal Club: 18th May 2017Randomized Clinical Trial Of Preoperative Oral Versus Intravenous Iron In Anaemic Patients With Colorectal Cancer

Journal Club: 7th June 2017Objective model using only gender, age and medication list predicts in-hospital morbidity after elective surgery

Journal Club: 13th June 2017:Relevance of induced and accidental hypothermia after trauma-haemorrhage – what do we know from experimental models in pigs? 

Journal Club 27th June 2017Efficacy and safety of intravenous lidocaine for postoperative analgesia and recovery after surgery: a systematic review with sequential trial analysis

Journal Club: 17th July 2017The SLUScore: A Novel Method for Detecting Hazardous Hypotension in Adult Patients Undergoing Noncardiac Surgical Procedures.

Journal Club 1st AugustEffectiveness of apnoeic oxygenation during intubation: systematic review and meta-analysis

Journal Club: 15th August 2017Hydrocortisone, vitamin C and thiamine for the treatment of severe sepsis and septic shock

Journal Club: 29th August 2017Validation of preoperative cardiopulmonary exercise testing-derived variables to predict in-hospital morbidity after major colorectal surgery

Journal Club: 8th September 2017Secondary analysis of outcomes after 11,085 hip fracture operations from the prospective UK Anaesthesia Sprint Audit of Practice (ASAP-2)

Journal Club: 12th September 2017Patterns and Predictors of Frailty Transitions in Older Men: The Osteoporotic Fractures in Men Study

Journal Club: 20th September 2017Postoperative delirium in elderly patients is associated with subsequent cognitive impairment