The aim of our online journal club is to share the learning. Evidence-based medicine (EBM) does not need to be difficult or time-consuming. By sharing summaries of our anaesthetic journal club we can quickly and easily see what evidence is being discussed and why.

What is EBM?

The words ‘evidence-based’- are used to describe lots of things – in medicine, healthcare and beyond.

The underlying principles are the same. We must ensure that when decisions are made, they are made on the basis of the most up-to-date, solid, reliable, scientific evidence.

To practice EBM you have to be able to find the evidence from scientific studies that are relevant to your patients. You then need to understand these studies and be able to critically appraise them.

Why should we critically appraise the evidence?

Critical appraisal is an important element of evidence-based medicine. Where an article is published, or who wrote it should not be an indication of its trustworthiness and relevance. Using critical appraisal skills and tools enables users of research evidence to reach their own judgements.

Critical appraisal is needed to:

1. Combat information overload

2. Identify papers that are clinically relevant (and those that aren’t)

3. Keep ourselves up to date with current literature and know why and how it may change our clinical practice

We are all busy and we don’t have time to go through every journal article in every journal. This online journal club aims to provide reviews of current and interesting articles to aid trainees in keeping up to date with recent evidence.